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Holdfast Estates Is A Property Development Company That Specialise In Adding Value Through The Planning Process. 

Property Developer in London and UK

Helping You Realise Your Property’s True Potential

What We Do

Our approach to each opportunity is bespoke and we can find solutions for any ‘Value-Add’ opportunity. From a straight purchase using cash funds through to partnering with a land owner on a long term promotion.

Our partnership model helps our partners extract the most value out of their property. We are able to do this, by obtaining valuable planning permission which will unlock the latent value in our client’s property holdings.

On receipt of planning we can either purchase directly from the partner or take the property to market. we will work in collaboration with you and share the common goal of maximising your property’s proceeds. All you have to do is provide the land – we’ll deliver the rest, and we will manage, fund and oversee your planning application towards a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

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Property Developer in London and UK

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Property Developer in London and UK




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Discovering the untapped value from your land is rarely straightforward. Obtaining planning permission, acquiring finance and managing construction all require a number of experts who are well versed in their field. The process is a lengthy and often arduous one, but we have the skills to simplify and streamline this process. With over 10 years of experience developing residential and commercial properties for small start-ups and FTSE 250 companies, we know the best approaches to generating the most value for you quickly and effectively.

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Property Developer in London and UK



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